About Geoffrey

Why create a blog about being gay and a hunter? As a gay man with a passion for hunting I experience negative attitudes and prejudice for both being gay and a hunter. For most of my life, I tried to cope with this reality in concealing who I am and the ethical choices I make in taking up hunting. I convinced myself it was easier this way, that the people around me in day-to-day life and my heterosexual hunting buddies would be more comfortable if I kept all this to myself. It bothered me, particularly concealing who I am, because I felt I was being deceptive and honestly, there is nothing unusual or wrong in being gay. I understand that many people find hunting offensive so to avoid futile arguments and to spare their feelings I make a point of avoiding the topic in their presence. In fact, I get more venom spat at me for my choice to hunt than the fact I am gay. Yes, hunting is a choice; being gay is not. As of the 2012 hunting season, all my hunting buddies know the whole truth about me. I am gay, partnered with another man since 1998 and they accept me wholeheartedly. My being gay is a non-issue. They like and respect me for the man I am. I feel much better after coming out. A great weight was lifted.

Still, I realize there is a great deal of prejudice against gay people. While I am rarely confronted directly and personally by anti-gay prejudice, I  experience it indirectly. There have been situations where people around me use anti-gay slurs, make crude jokes and say unkind things about gay people, all the while assuming I am heterosexual. Then there is the crackpot theorizing of ignorant religious zealots and social conservatives who blame the “homosexual agenda” for everything from natural disasters, terror attacks, the decline of Western civilization, outbreaks of disease, pedophilia, ad nauseam. While this is obviously not aimed at me personally, it is offensive and harmful and needs to be challenged. I decided that concealing the truth about who I am only enables this kind of prejudice. I hope that in coming out and telling my story I can dispel some of this prejudice.

A blog is nothing with out feedback, please give me some!

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