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Young Winston

2020-02-05 001 2020-02-05 001

Winston jigs for perch through the ice on the Ottawa River at Petrie Island.

I got out for some ice fishing last Wednesday afternoon on Crappie Bay on the Ottawa River at Petrie Island–it was February 5th. It was panfish I hoped to catch through the ice. Crappie Bay holds black crappie, bluegill, pumpkinseed and yellow perch. I brought wax worms for bait and an array of rods and reels fitted with bare hooks and tungsten jigs. I felt a little apprehensive as the memory of my last ice fishing expedition to Crappie Bay came to mind. It was a debacle! Everything that could possibly go wrong did. I will spare you the details as it is a long story, but trust me; the ice fishing expedition was a disaster. Also, I had the newly installed drill on my ice auger. I learned from my hunting buddy Mike that the previous drill I used is the wrong model. The old drill lacked the torque to power the auger to break through the ice adequately. With cautious optimism, I set out on the ice to see what fortune would bring.

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