Stella, dear


Stella is taking a breather on her morning run with Hera.



Stella Mudd, née Grimes, is the Star Trek character who is the inspiration for my choosing Stella for my new pup’s name.

I am a lifelong Star Trek fan. I first watched the original series when it was broadcast in England in 1968-1969. I remember the character of Stella Mudd from the 3rd season episode I Mudd. The character, Harcourt (Harry) Fenton Mudd created an android replica of his deserted wife, Stella. The android replica of Stella is a shrew extraordinaire. In the latest Star Trek series, Star Trek Discovery, the characters of Harry Mudd and his fiancé Stella Grimes, are featured in season 1. Stella Grimes is an attractive and determined young woman with copper hair. She is nothing like the android replica; her estranged husband Harry created much later. When I saw the young Stella Grimes, it inspired me to name my new puppy after the character. “Stella, dear,” is the phrase Harry Mudd used to set off the android replica. “Stella, dear,” is the pet name for my Stella. It is one week since I brought Stella home, and she is coming along nicely.

Every day, Stella becomes more confident. I took her on morning runs with Hera in the parkland along the Rideau River, off Riverside Drive. The first time was stressful for Stella. She kept close to me and got frightened by a yappy mixed breed dog. Stella ran into the thicket and hid. It took me five long minutes to find her; I was beside myself with worry, all the while. Since then, she is self-assured when she meets other dogs, even larger dogs like the Newfoundland and the Mastiff we met during the week. She is actively exploring the brush and the tall grass, just as a gun dog should. She mastered the stairs, inside and outside, in her first week at home. She is a bright little pup. She overcomes obstacles in the field readily. She figured out how to get through the old fence with the oblong-shaped wires with no trouble at all. She is wading into the river–she is still a little unsure about going into the water. I will let her ease into it.

She does not like her crate. That comes as no surprise. She really does not like confinement. She yelps and cries when I put her in her crate. I have no choice. There are hazards in the house like cables and power cords that if she chews on could cause her grievous injury. I look forward to the day when I can leave her loose in the house with Hera. As for Hera, she is getting used to having Stella in the house. Yesterday evening, Hera and Stella had an intense play session together. I took the week off from work to spend time with Hera and Stella, hoping they would sort out their place in the pack. I feel better about returning to work on Monday. I arranged for a friend who works nearby to come, let Hera and Stella out during the day while I am at work. Knowing my friend will let the girls out during the day when I am at work will give me a little peace of mind.

I noticed right away that Stella is not frightened by loud noises, neither fireworks, nor thunder, nor the sound of trains rumbling across the bridge over the Rideau River. I think this bodes well to conditioning her to the sound of gunshots. I will wait until she is at least four months old before starting with a cap pistol. Gradually, I will move to a starter’s pistol and then to the shotgun. I will do this all in good time as it is better to proceed to slowly than to expect too much too soon in training a gun dog.

Finally, I found that Stella prefers Hera’s kibble to her own. Hera eats lamb and rice kibble mixed for adult dogs. I have a bag of puppy food I purchased from the breeder for Stella. I tried mixing in a few pieces of Hera’s kibble in the puppy food I feed Stella; this is working so far in getting Stella to eat her puppy food. After one full week in her new home, Stella is proving a dear little dog. I am so happy I got her and look forward to the years we will have together.

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