Misfortune does not play favourites


With my new found enthusiasm for fishing, I went to the edge of the Rideau River by the railway bridge off Old Riverside this afternoon to try my luck. I walk past this bridge daily when I take Hera for a run by the river. I often see people fishing there and the day before I met a young man fishing with a bait casting rod and reel. He told me this is a good spot for pike and bass. He was fishing for pike but just caught a big bass. He told me this spot is good for jigging. I checked out videos on YouTube to learn the technique in jigging for bass. It looked quite straightforward, and I was eager to give it a go. I got to the river at about 4:30 pm. When I got there I found a group of young men with lines in the water. “It must be a good spot,” I thought. There was room for all of us, and I found a spot to cast.

I tried a crayfish jig on a bass hook first. I tried out the technique of jigging while reeling in the jig. The river bed is randy and rocky at this stretch. The jig got caught on the bottom after one cast, and I feared I would lose it; but I reeled the jig in successfully with a little gentle tugging. As the young men cast their lines from their spot next to me, suddenly one young man had his fishing rod snap in two pieces. One of his friends retrieved the front half of his fishing rod from the river. The young men examined the fishing rod to see if it had broken or just come apart. A short while later they took their leave. They had not caught anything. Once they departed, I moved over to the spot they vacated.

I continued casting with the crayfish jig and as I reeled it in on one cast it got caught on a branch on a downed tree resting in the river. I had hip waders on so I strode into the river far enough to grab the tree trunk and move the downed tree closer. I picked up the branch with my crayfish lure caught on it and found a jig someone lost to the same tree next to my crayfish lure. I retrieved both jigs and felt some relief: “At least I won’t come empty handed today.” I switched from the crayfish jig to a jig designed for pike. I cast the new jig and found a tangle in the line on my spinning reel. I reeled in the jig, then played out the line from my reel until I reached the tangle in the line. I cut the line behind the tangle and rethreaded the line through my fishing rod. This was a delicate and tricky operation but I completed it successfuly. While I worked on clearing the snag, a boat with two young men aboard came into view. They asked how I made out and I told them I just cleared a tangle in my line. They replied sardonically that they had the same luck.

They cast some lines from their boat in the area adjacent to where I continued casting. They did not catch anything and neither did I. Eventually, they motored toward Hunt Club Road. I decided I would move to the ruin of the old marina on the other side of the railway bridge and see if I would have better luck. I stood on the edge of the concrete dock at the marina and cast for a while. I tried both the crayfish and the pike jigs. No fish bit. I saw the two young men casting from their boat on both sides of the river. It did not look like they had any luck either. At 6:15 pm they roared past me on their way to Mooney’s Bay I expect. They waved as they drove past. I decided to call it an afternoon, packed my gear and walked back to the car.

I did not catch any fish but I got in some practice in casting and jigging for bass and pike. I cleared a tangle in my reel without too much trouble. What impressed me, however, I realized that misfortune is not picking on me. She strikes with impunity and capriciously; no one is spared. Fishing is not so different from hunting in a way. You expend the effort in the pursuit of your quarry with no guarantee that you will find said quarry. The major difference between fishing and hunting is that fishing allows you the option of catch and release. There is no going back when you kill a game bird or animal. I hope yet I will get the hang of fishing as spring turns into summer. For my next fishing expedition I will focus on panfish. Jigging for crappie, perch and sunfish is enough of a challenge for now.

Posted by Geoffrey

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