O Canada, Canada, Canada…


White-throated sparrow in song.

“O Canada, Canada, Canada” is the tune of the song of the white-throated sparrow. I heard one singing this morning out on the property where Jason and I took our dogs (Hera and Nos) for a run. When I heard the tune, I said to Jason, “that’s the call of a white-throated sparrow.” The bird was good enough to pose for me and I got some decent photos of the bird. The property is the one near Spencerville where we hunt deer. Our primary purpose for being there this morning was to put out 50 lb. bags of corn and salt-licks for the deer. We were on the road by 0800 and stopped at the Old Co-Op in North Gower to pick up the sacks of corn and the salt-licks. We took Jason’s wheeler along. This made getting the corn and salt-licks out to our deer stands much easier.


Jason and the dogs ready to set out to our deer stands.

It was pleasantly warm when we arrived at the property and found we did not need our jackets. We got there just ahead of the bug season too. There were a few gnats buzzing around, but no deer flies and mosquitoes, thankfully. We got the wheeler off the trailer, loaded the sacks of corn salt-licks and got under way with the dogs running alongside. We took care not to drive too fast and I kept a close eye on the dogs. I did not want them to come to any harm and happily, they knew enough to keep clear of the wheeler. We stopped by my stand first and set out the corn and salt-lick. We decided there was no need to check the trail camera as we last checked it only two weeks before. We noticed the dogs feeling the warmth of the morning a little when we reached my stand. They took a breather in the shade as Jason and I put out the corn and the salt-lick by my deer stand.


Hera taking a breather from the warmth as we place the corn and salt-lick by my deer stand.


Moving on to Jason’s deer stand.

Once we completed the task at my deer stand, we moved on Jason’s deer stand that sits on the edge of the swamp that abuts the property. The dogs found water to cool off in while we set out the corn and salt lick by Jason’s stand.


Corn and salt-lick with Jason’s deer stand in the background.


Jason and Nos.

With our primary objective completed, we parked the wheeler and took a tour of the property with the dogs. We hoped to find signs that turkeys were in the area, but none were seen. It was a good morning afield with the dogs and preparing for the deer season in the fall. Getting photos of the white-throated sparrow was an added bonus. When Jason and I take to the field we appreciate viewing and learning about all the plants and wildlife that make up the ecosystem.

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