4 doe tags!


This season everyone in our hunting party got a doe tag in the antlerless deer draw. Jason and his wife Fran, Omer and myself were successful. Hopefully one of us will bag a deer this season. This past weekend Jason and I headed out to the farm near Spencerville, Ontario we hunt deer to check on our stands and to put out some salt. We brought our dogs, Nos and Hera so they could have a good run in the field just ahead of the 2014 hunting season. We will return to the farm in the near future to put up trail cameras. The past three seasons we have taken a deer: Fran took a spike horn buck (from my stand) in the last minutes of shooting time on the last day of the rifle season in 2012. I took a doe (my first deer) with my brand new Browning X-Bolt Medallion rifle, left hand, 30:06, one week after I bought it. Jason took a six point buck in the first hour of the 2013 rifle season with his new Cooper rifle. Here’s hoping this trend continues this season!

Posted by Geoffrey


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