If Love’s a Sweet Passion, why does it torment?


If Love’s a Sweet Passion, why does it torment? Good question, Hera is now about 19 months old, which in dog years makes her a a young lady coming into her own at 20 years of age in human reckoning. She is a spirited young lady with quite a will at times. She has captured my heart in these months since I acquired her. The decision to purchase her and bring her home at the end of 2012 was difficult. I was reeling from the untimely death of my beloved Juno (shown with me in the header photo) who succumbed to cancer in August of 2012. She was four years old when she was taken from me; it was a devastating loss and initially I contemplated never having another dog. The pain I felt at her loss was overwhelming, but in the end I found I could not be without a dog.

Hera came into her own as a gun dog in her first season. She distinguished herself in her first season in pointing ruffed grouse and woodcock for me when she was just one year old. She is very much a huntress. She lives for the hunt and is fearless. She was not quite staunch on point during her first season, but the fact she was finding and pointing birds for me at all impressed me no end. This weekend, on one of her daily training runs, she locked up on point and held point while I walked around and took photographs of her. As it happened, the bird was long gone, but I was well pleased that she remained staunch. In her enthusiasm for the hunt, however, she is still learning she is hunting for me. When she is absorbed in her task, she can be disobedient, particularly when she is chasing squirrels in the dog park. This taxes my patience, but I understand it is the exuberance of youth. We will continue training over the spring and summer months and look forward to getting afield in the fall to chase ruffed grouse and woodcock together.

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1 thought on “If Love’s a Sweet Passion, why does it torment?

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